Payment Invoice

This guide will help the technical to get more understanding of the exact technical end-points needed for Sadad payment integration.

Create Payment Invoice

To create Sadad payment invoice, the technical should provide the order and end-user information to the invoice insert API.

After creating Sadad invoice using the API, the merchant can share the invoice URL with the end-user via email, SMS, e-commerce or any channel he wants. Then, the end-user can open the invoice and pay using one of the merchant's accepted payment methods.

Once the end-user paid the invoice, he will be redirected to the merchant's paid invoice. Or, if the merchant provides callback URLs in Sadad account, the invoice response will redirect the end-user back to that URL.

Payment Status

After successful/failed payment, Sadad returns the invoice_id as a parameter in the callback URLs.


In the Sadad profile under API section, merchant can add the Success URL/Fail URL for the application.

The invoice_id parameter, is used to get the Sadad Invoice Information by calling the the API to get Invoice payment