Paid Webhook Event


To setup and receive the Paid Webhook event, you need to configure Sadad webhook URL.

Recieve Paid WebHook

  1. When the Sadad invoice gets paid, Sadad will send HTTP request to the Webhook EndPoint.
  2. The Sadad Webhook HTTP Request contains a JSON body with the following format:
    "InvoiceId": "ID",
    "InvoiceCode": "CODE",
    "InvoiceKey": "KEY",
    "Status": "Paid",
    "Amount": "AMOUNT",
    "PaymentMethod": "PAYMENT_METHOD",
    "TransactionId": "TRANSACITON_ID"


IMPORTANT: You need to VERIFY this information by calling the API to get Invoice payment to confirm that the information is correct and valid before proceeding with your action.

  1. Sadad is not responsible for proceeding without validating and verifying the payment status of the Sadad invoice.
  2. Your server has to send HTTP 200 Response , to let Sadad Know that the server received and processed the request successfully.
  3. If Sadad didn't get HTTP 200 Response, it will retry the Webhook request each 3 min for a maximum of 5 tries.