Integration guide


This API document refers to the Sadad APIs that support the available functions under merchants account.


Sadad APIs

Testing the Sadad APIs will be by calling the SANDBOX environment.

To obtain Sadad sandbox account, please register an account on https://sandbox.sadadpay.net.

Then, E-mail the Sadad support team at [email protected] to activate it.

Sadad Account

The Sadad account should be qualified to use our Sadad APIs.


Qualified account

To use the Sadad APIs, the merchant account has to be qualified to use the API.
Please log in to merchant account and find the Client and Secret Keys under the profile page. If it's not showing, please contact [email protected] to enable it.



The Sadad Client ID, Secret ID, Refresh Token, and Access Tokens are critical information and you need to keep them secure.

Gaining access to this information will allow accessing your account data and information. Please, ensure you didn't share this information with anyone who shouldn't have access to them.